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About Us

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Since 2001
Our Restaurant

For every special
occasion there’s Puraan

Good food & great vibes

Puraan in Indian literally translates to Ancient. Our name is derived from the iIIOSt iCOnic Vedas or sCriptures of the VediC era — whiCh SOtIIC COnsider as the oldest of civilizations.

“A tithi Devo Bhava”In Indian simply means “Guest is equivalent to God”.

At Puraan our team has one simple task, to welCome our guests as one would welCome another into their own homes. Our hospitalit y starts with food and we here, strive our best to keep it to its humble best. At Puraan, we cater to the Vegetarian delicacies that the South Indian food has to offer. Our Cñe/ has chosen dishes that are unique, and we are sure you will not be disappointed with the taste and presentation. We Coast and use our own home blend of spices to bring out some of the most unique flavours of south IHdiOI1 Ctils iHC. Us south Indians are known for our love of not only spiCes but alsO spiC y food, so if you are a bit adventurous, do give us a hint and we would love to COOk it homest yle for you.

Puraan is our first venture, and we believe in no nonsense flavours - staying true to our routes. Our ancient texts have blended spiCes With food not only for its taste, but also for its mediCinal values. We are sure you will enjoy these unique flavours and we invite you to join the Puraan family for our love of food and service alike.

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Our Milestone

Signature Brand in the UK

We have a vision to make PURAAN a Signature Brand. We are working on for it. In the Future more franchise will be Opened throughout the UK.

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Our Journey

Started our Journey

We started our journey in 2001 and now grown to this stage.

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Our Chef

Gems of PURAAN

Our chefs are recognized and expert to make dish with unique taste

We Deliver

The secret is at the table

Our dishes are unique and provide a great experience for the customers

Perfectly simple & Unique blended flavours…

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We are dedicated in preserving the quality and purity of all the dishes…

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Our own signature dish with mouth flickering flavours…

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Why Choose Us

Most exquisite
fine dinning restaurant in city


Door Delivery

We are in tie up with delivery partners to deliver your favorite food at door ...


Outdoor Catering

We are in the process in Establishing outdoor catering such that our signature dishes become ...

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Fine Dining

The Environment is friendly and we assure a great experience in the dining


Echo Friendly

We serve dishes with exotic flavors and echo friendly products

Meet our team

Group of professional chefs

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